Founded in 1993, Leicester-based business Allscreens Nationwide is one of the country’s fastest-growing windscreen repair and replacement companies. They are part of the Nationwide Windscreen Services network of 72 branches and 550 mobile units.

The Leicestershire-based business offer ADAS Calibration to various commercial clients as part of their automotive services nationwide.

ADAS are electronic technologies that are added to a vehicle to aid the driver, including sensors, anti-lock brakes, cruise control and cameras.

These add-ons are becoming increasingly popular with regular motorists and professional fleets alike. They’re generally thought to make driving safer by minimising the effects of human error and equipping drivers with extra confidence in their decisions.

ADAS can also be built in to many new vehicles such as lane departure warnings, emergency braking, adaptive cruise control and lane assist. Leading research body Thatcham claims “it is probably the most significant development in vehicle safety since the seatbelt”.

Vehicles fitted with ADAS may require Calibration services after an accident, as well as a replacement or substitution of any parts, to ensure they are still reliable.

To book your vehicle or fleet in for the Commercial ADAS Calibration service, please visit: