Based in Nuneaton, Leicester City Community Partner AR Demolition are the leading demolition and enabling specialists in the East Midlands.

The latest modified machine purchased by AR Demolition is a testament not only to their determination to continually provide clients with the very best service possible, but also to their on-going commitment to driving innovation forward, whilst always investing in their staff’s safety.  With this in mind they adapted an already brilliant machine. 

This month AR bought a brand-new Bobcat Skid-Steer Loader in order, as Bobcat themselves say “… to help you do more…”. As thrilled as AR were with the device, they knew they could enhance its effectiveness and suitability within the demolition sector even further, so being a company who pride themselves on positive action, they did exactly that. Here’s what they did. 

Taking the commonly used Skid-Steer, it was modified to fill the gap in the demolition industry, making it more suitable and safer for demolition works.  

Working alongside Bobcat, AR suggested the following safety modifications, which were subsequently installed; a thicker polycarbonate door and rear and side windows as well a FOPS (falling object protective structure) for the roof to allow for greater strength and protection to the operator, added front and rear light guards (to maintain high visible presence for workers in the vicinity) and also handy for protecting the reversing cameras, an additional exhaust guard to protect against fire and a bolstered rear buffer zone with extra-large bumpers. AR understood that installing extra thick windows would increase the internal temperature of the cab, and therefore ensured air conditioning was also fitted for the comfort of those operating the Skid-Steer. 

These additional features were essential because, to AR, staff safety is paramount and, in any innovation, they ask “Is it the right thing to do to achieve that aim?” 

Managing Director Mike Henderson says, 

“Innovation, and the health and safety of everyone involved in our working organisation is crucial to our success and development. Often contractors understandably seek to reduce costs, but we want to invest more, to make improvements for ourselves and our sector. We pride ourselves on being a workforce confident enough to suggest improvements, and then be part of the implementation process. This shapes our future.”  

AR use their skid-steer alongside one of their other innovations too – a hydraulic gantry platform used to move the skid-steer between floors of a building. This was designed and fabricated in-house and is especially useful for strip-out within multi-storey buildings. Now, their demolition, earthworks and remediation projects will be even more efficient – and safe. Not only are they buying in superb equipment, and enhancing it to the highest of standards, but they are also considering the project environment, and the best ways of maximising on-site efficiency.  

AR are ever-future focused and are now researching the possibility of converting this Bobcat into a remote-controlled vehicle in the near future. 

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