The 2012 Olympics was a defining moment in British culture, and at the centre of it was London Stadium. Since that historic fortnight, London Stadium has remained a focal point in one of the greatest cities on earth. The home of West Ham United in the Premier League, it also hosts music concerts, Major League Baseball, and remains one of the most iconic sports stadiums in the world.

London Stadium’s partnership with Eleven sees us provide award-winning matchday technology through StadiumTV. Our fan-engagement platforms underpin our comprehensive community partner programme and ensures local brands have the best means of reaching their target audience.

The stadium was built by local tradespeople and remains a centrepiece of wider regeneration in the area. Eleven is perfectly placed to help implement, develop and grow those key relationships with local businesses.

London Stadium partners enjoy long-term, community-driven strategic relationships with a world-class venue, playing a key role in their wider marketing strategies and accelerating their growth. Our technology underpins a first-class matchday experience, and helps East End businesses increase brand awareness and achieve significant results.

After a hugely successful four years, we renewed our partnership with London Stadium in 2021.

Matt Cairns, CEO & Founder: “The London Stadium was built with community values and objectives in mind. So for Eleven to be given the responsibility to connect the venue with their local business community is a great responsibility and a real privilege for us. What the London Stadium ultimately gets from this is a true connection with that local business community and a partnership tier that is strategically positioned with the venue’s  overarching commercial strategy in mind, and in a way that delivers true value to both the partners and the venue.”

Gary Bell, Head of Commercial, London Stadium: “London Stadium is fundamentally about legacy. It’s about regenerating an area of London, which over 20 years ago was wasteland. And it is absolutely about creating opportunities for people and building new communities. And that is what Eleven is about – they’re about community. And so we’re bringing two businesses together with great synergy.”