Hibernian Community Partner CM Gates & Barriers supply both residential and commercial clients with a range of different access systems and are well known for the manufacturing and installation of their automatic gates.

The lifespan of an automated gate system can last for well over 20 years if it is well maintained, making it a great investment for anyone’s home or business. However to ensure the gate stays in it’s best possible condition, it is essential to have 1 annual gate service to ensure the gates and motors are in working order.

The Livingston based business have given us 5 key reasons to regularly service your automated gate systems.


When the engineer comes to do your annual gate servicing, this gives them the opportunity to test all the safety features.  During a service, the CM Gates team will ensure that the obstacle detection systems and safety devices are functioning correctly. They will also perform checks on the electrical elements to reduce any potential electrical issues.

Save Money

Having your electric gate kit serviced will allow an engineer to assess any damage or wear and tear before it becomes an issue. Emergency call outs can end up being quite costly so it is best to be proactive.


Automated gate systems should have a manual release function to allow the gates to be opened in the event of power failure, However, a preventable gate automation breakdown can still be incredibly inconvenient. Servicing your gate will reduce the risk of breakdown, but a high standard of maintenance will significantly improve your gate system’s lifespan.


While a gate engineer won’t pressure wash your gates for you, they will ensure the essential components are lubricated, clean, and free of debris when servicing. Regular cleaning will ensure that your gates look brand new even if they’ve been there for a couple years.


The simple presence of a gate is enough to deter some criminals, but that doesn’t mean they may try and give the gates a nudge. When this happens, you want to be sure that your gates are properly functioning to avoid any unfortunate mishaps. Additionally, the installation of an outdoor lighting system paired with your electric gates can be a great deterrent – especially if the lights have motion sensors.

When and How to Service Your Gate

Systems which see large numbers of daily traffic will need significantly more servicing than above – often, twice a year. This applies to most automatic gates at commercial premises, and to those at communal residential blocks. It’s not unusual for automatic gates which see frequent commercial traffic to need servicing once every quarter.

With over 20 years of experience, they supply and install electric gates, exterior security and entry provisions, driveway upgrades, outdoor security lighting and EV charger installations.

In addition to offering a gate service to thier supplied products, CM Gates & Barriers also maintain gates designed, manufacture, and installed by other gate suppliers – subject to an initial inspection.

If you would like to discuss a gate service, repair, or upgrade with a member of CM Gates team, then visit: https://cmelectricalgates.co.uk/