Eye Surgery Scotland has entered its second season as a Hibernian FC Community Partner as the eye care expert collective continues to champion the message of the importance of regular eye checks. The team at Eye Surgery Scotland is passionate about good eye health and is keen to use the deal, brokered by sports rights specialist, Eleven Sports Media, to reach a wider audience.

Through its connection to Hibernian FC, Eye Surgery Scotland benefits from a partnership programme that allows it to connect with supporters at every stage of the matchday, utilising powerful fan engagement platforms and digital displays, including the Pitch-Facing LED and Big Screens installed around the stadium to create the highest impact.

Branding opportunities are made available to Eye Surgery Scotland through Eleven’s award-winning StadiumTV and StatTV, a dedicated club channel for fans, to engage supporters on arrival. Alongside these channels, the eye care specialist’s branding appears on Eleven’s online StatZone content and on match-led social media posts, via platforms including Facebook and Twitter.

Eye Surgery Scotland is also able to enjoy exclusive, private, networking events through the partnership, allowing the team to engage with other local businesses. Co-Founder of Eye Surgery Scotland, Dr Andrew Tatham explains the appeal of being a part of the Hibernian FC Community Partnership Programme: “We’re keen to promote health and fitness so the association with sport is a good match. Football also provides a social connection, bringing communities together.

“Aligning our brand with the Hibernian FC brand is an expression of our passion for good health and wellbeing and gives us the opportunity to reach a wider audience.”

Eye Surgery Scotland was established in 2019 to provide specialist eye care, tailored to the needs of individual patients. Led by a team of surgeons, who share a wealth of knowledge and expertise, the practice is managed to ensure that each patient is seen by the practitioner with the most relevant experience and training for the individual’s specific condition. Eye Surgery Scotland’s primary aim is to provide every patient with the safest and most effective treatment to meet the individual’s needs.

Internationally recognised and respected leaders in their field, Eye Surgery Scotland’s consultants are fellowship trained and active in teaching and research worldwide. Services are suitable for patients aged 16 plus and the private treatment offered means that there are no waiting times. The practice gives back by engaging in charity work to help reduce global blindness, with the team assisting in voluntary initiatives overseas, teaching and training doctors.

Eye Surgery Scotland also delivers ophthalmic aid to Ukraine and is actively raising funds to provide transport and supplies for future aid trips.

For further information on Eye Surgery Scotland, visit: https://www.eyesurgeryscotland.com/