As we look back at February, we celebrated a month adorned with the hues of unity, resilience, and empowerment, that takes center stage across the United States and beyond – Black History Month.

This annual celebration serves as a poignant reminder of the rich tapestry woven by the African American community, showcasing a profound legacy of courage, creativity, and triumph over adversity.

We caught up with Chicago Fire Associate Partner TITÙN Cocktails who spoke to us about their inspiration to create a business.

“As a black-owned, non-alcoholic beverage company, we were inspired by a combination of factors: Firstly, Edwige’s childhood passion for crafting distinct, delicious and refreshing beverages that defy the status quo. As she transitioned to adulthood and moved to the US, this passion was fuelled by the frustration she experienced seeing the lack of diversity, quality and flavor options in the beverage industry. Edwige enjoyed mixing cocktails and offering joy and unique experiences to family and friends and now to the world. For Edwige, this has never felt like a job. In fact, she always looks forward to elevating every opportunity.”

“Secondly, witnessing the entrepreneurial spirit of our parents and success stories of other Black-owned businesses served as a source of inspiration and motivation for us to embark on this journey. Having a community that supports you through your entrepreneurial journey is vital to TITÙN’s success.”

“With the mutual spousal support, supports from friends and family, we had the perfect recipe for the formation and success of TITÙN.”

The premium, Afro-inspired beverages company have recently announced a multi-year deal with sports-rights specialists Eleven Sports Media to become an inaugural Chicago Fire Associate Partner, ahead of the new 2024 MLS campaign.

“Growing up in the streets of Douala, Cameroon, football has been an intricate part of our daily lives. In 1990, Cameroon made us dream even more by reaching the quarter-finals of the FIFA World Cup in Italy. Fast Forward 20+ years later, we now call Chicago home.”

“As a local-based company, supporting our football team (Chicago Fire) felt so natural. We hope that partnering with the local team will play its part in bringing more flavors and diversity to the stadium.”

“We are fully integrated in our local, ethnic and cultural groups in the city of Chicago and neighboring towns and villages. We hold leadership roles in these communities and understand what it takes to bridge the gap between the football lovers, we know exist, and the home team that needs all the love to become successful.”

TITÙN have been using the opportunity of Black History Month throughout February to recognize the significant contributions of black individuals to history, and showcase their African heritage through the exotic flavors of their drinks.

“Black History Month is a time to honor and recognize the significant contributions of Black individuals to history, culture, and society. For businesses, particularly Black-owned businesses like ours, celebrating Black History Month is an opportunity to showcase our African heritage through the exotic flavors of our drinks and their ability to create invigorating recipes when mixed with other well-known brands.”

“It is also an opportunity for us to foster cultural connections and inspire future generations by serving as a beacon to encourage them to pursue their dreams regardless of whatever life throws at them.”

To learn more about TITÙN Cocktails and how its range of premium non-alcoholic beverage are specially crafted for consumers to experience a first-class journey with every sip, visit: