Why Are Paperless Offices The Future?

The turning point for paperless offices really came early in the 21st century, as internet connections became faster and corporate environmental policies started to crack down on unnecessary paper usage.

With technology now maturing, Microform can digitalise documents into any one of a number of different text and image file formats.

Methods like optical character recognition (OCR) have been refined and offer an excellent way to turn static print into digital text that can be copied and pasted, searched and edited.

Cloud computing platforms have also evolved, aided by high-speed broadband internet access especially in a business setting, allowing even uncompressed photographic quality images to be retrieved in a matter of seconds.

With lower storage and printing costs, increased productivity and enhanced collaboration all make paperless offices the best way to go.

Your Virtual File Room Online

Microform can set up a bespoke cloud storage management system for your business, along with custom-built document management software that gives you direct access to your files, folders and functions like search.

Access can be secured to ISO 27001 standards, adding data protection and compliance to the range of benefits your business receives from going truly paperless.

Microform can digitise your existing documents to compressed and uncompressed image formats, portable PDF format and/or digital OCR text so you can work with them however your business chooses to.

To find out more on how Microform can help you go paperless for the future, visit: https://microform.digital/contact/