The Jets and Eleven Sports Media are teaming up on a new partnership to expand Eleven’s award-winning business model in the New York area, offering more opportunities for small to medium-sized businesses to access and build relationships with famous professional sports teams.

The model, which is well-established in the English Premier League, MLS, and most recently the NFL, combines powerful branding, activation services and networking opportunities to help promote and grow small businesses in innovative ways.

Jeff Fernandez, Vice President of Business Development + Ventures for the New York Jets, commented “This partnership with Eleven comes at an opportune time. The Jets have a strong history of supporting and highlighting small businesses, and we feel this partnership will elevate us to the next level. Eleven has firmly established itself as a supporter of entrepreneurs, initially in the UK and now in American sports.

New York is a place like none other. Small businesses have been the backbone of this region for hundreds of years. Today small businesses make up 94% of all businesses in New York, employing half of the regions workforce.

The growth of local economy has never been more important. The New York Jets are committed to helping companies establish their footing, accelerate growth and ultimately drive commercial success.”

Matt Cairns, Founder and CEO of Eleven Sports Media, said: “New York is the city where our US adventure began a couple of years ago alongside our good friends at NYCFC in the MLS. It’s the city that showed us that our model, products, and services deliver that same significant value on this side of the pond that have proven successful for many years in European soccer. To be asked to come back to New York to deliver another successful program, this time with the Jets is a tremendous honour for all of us.

New York is one of the most famous and visited cities in the world. It has an endless list of entertainment options for its people, but right at the heart of that is its sporting landscape.

We’re always wanting to partner with teams that have a proven history of demonstrating that they want the best for the small business communities that they serve and with the Jets that became apparent very quickly.

The average small business owner in New York will be highly competent at running their own business, but they might not have the in-house marketing resource and expertise in order to achieve the truly transformational growth they want. That’s where the Eleven model comes in. We provide the small business with everything they need to achieve the credibility, notoriety and connection to their customer base.

Cairns added “By the end of this year we will have over 1000 small businesses simultaneously growing, globally through our programs and the 40 small businesses that will be associated with the Jets, are going to be delighted with the experience.”

Jeff Fernandez concluded, “We’re excited to welcome Eleven Sports into the Jets family, and we look forward to building a powerful small business platform together.”