CT1 is the trade’s go-to sealant and adhesive. Rather than having to buy several products, CT1’s magic comes from doing several jobs in one. CT1 went from trade-only to a DIY favourite thanks to an Eleven-enabled deal in January 2021 that saw CT1 stocked across Wickes’ 250+ stores in the UK.

With a model that sees CT1 opening up regional distribution centres with independent directors, Eleven’s localised community-driven sports partner programmes are the perfect fit for the company’s marketing objectives.

Starting in 2016, the programme provided CT1 with the platform to engage regional directors via events and hospitality, supporting and enhancing its marketing strategies.

We also work closely with CT1 on its commercial partnerships with Wickes and Toolstation, which have seen CT1’s brand awareness surge across the football market. This has resulted in increased brand awareness and investment year on year. We’re proud to have used our impressive network of partnered clubs across the UK to help transform CT1’s place in the sporting world.

“Eleven have supported us for over five years in achieving our marketing and brand objectives through the delivery of an authentic presence in UK sport. They’ve played a pivotal part in helping us exceed our digital marketing goals and provided a platform for growth across our network of franchised distribution centres.” Nicola Walsh, Head of Marketing and Brand Protection