Leading investment management organization, The Spaventa Group (TSG), has agreed to a three-year deal with Eleven Sports Media to join the New York City FC Associate Partnership program.

The Associate Partnership provides regional businesses with an opportunity to be a part of the NYCFC journey and share their message with a growing MLS fan base. TSG will use the partnership to expand its growing brand awareness to a wider audience.

As an NYCFC Associate Partner, TSG will use Eleven Sports Media’s powerful digital fan engagement platforms, installed throughout Yankee Stadium, to promote its brand to a huge MLS television audience, as well as supporters within the 54,000-capacity arena.

Extending its reach beyond the stadium, TSG will deliver branded content via NYCFC’s official social media channels, creating opportunities to engage with fans outside of game day.

By combining high impact digital in-stadium platforms with far-reaching social media channels, TSG plans to use the Associate Partnership to connect with fans and educate them on alternative assets, emerging technology, and the broader investment industry.

TSG’s fund management division manages a portfolio of investment funds and vehicles that focus on alternative investments, including venture capital, private equity, digital assets, physical and virtual real estate, art, and other alternative assets. TSG’s Fund Management Division invests across a range of growth industries, including Space, FinTech, FoodTech, Blockchain, Life Sciences, and Robotics.

TSG also operates a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) affiliate, TSG Alpha Partners, which provides personalized wealth management services, including asset management, investment advisory, and comprehensive financial planning.  TSG Alpha Partners is a distinct entity within TSG and operates independently from TSG’s Fund Management Division.

The Spaventa Group prides itself on providing the best client-firm relationship, offering the most detailed and informative investment research, and the clearest investment vision in the industry.

Aiming to democratize wealth-building opportunities for all members of society, the company intends to shake off the perception that operators in the investment sector are out of touch. The biggest barrier that potential clients often encounter is their lack of knowledge about investment opportunities. TSG plans to tackle that by educating investors and developing understanding in an engaging and informative way.

By aligning its brand with NYCFC, TSG plans to reach out to a wider audience, to help those unsure of where to start, and offer what they believe is the best service in the industry.

The Spaventa Group brand will greet fans arriving in the Great Hall, with the company’s message communicated via a dominant LED display. The brand will extend to the stadium bowl, using high-impact field level and fascia LED boards to target fans.

Throughout Yankee Stadium, fans will also see TSG’s message delivered alongside Stadium TV and Eleven Sports Media’s powerful live content experience, which blends game day information with high-impact graphics.

As an NYCFC Associate Partner, TSG will gain valuable networking opportunities, joining organizations in the NYC business community at exclusive City Football Academy events.

To learn more about The Spaventa Group, search www.tsginvest.com and follow their social media pages:

LinkedIn – www.linkedin.com/company/tsginvest

Facebook – www.facebook.com/tsginvest

Twitter – www./twitter.com/tsginvest


Matthew Smith

Daniel Gray